14 Feb 17

YARAT Contemporary Art Space will present you a selection of 5 short movies by young Azerbaijani director Emil Guliyev. The screening will be organized as a part of YARAT Film Club which aims to become an informal meeting point for the viewing and discussion of contemporary art videos and films.

Emil Guliyev was born in Baku, 1986. Graduated from Moscow University MIA of Russia. Since 2011 he is working in creative activities. Director of the “Curtain” movie.

Hope / 2016 / Azerbaijan / 8 min. / shortfilm / colour

Nowadays there are about 50 000 000 refugees living on our planet. They live on things that they cultivate on the land, they learn to love again, give birth to children, try to get used to the bitter bread of foreign land. They live between the past and the future, and instead of the present they have only one thing left – hope. But at the moment when the faith is almost lost, when returning home remains a pipe dream they get a small cardboard box as s gift. The thing in the box is priceless, but only banished people are able to understand that simple truth. Half can never replace the whole.

The film had participated and won several festivals: NFKF in Tula Russia, Grand Prix (Russia); 8 Vares International Film Festival - Best director (Iran); Official selection International Tehran film festival (Iran); Official selection International Asian film festival (South Korea); Official selection International film festival Lek-Bez (Russia)

PARADOX / 2016 / Azerbaijan / 7 min. / shortfilm / colour

Filming of a bearded anecdote about a circulation of money in nature.

TIPS / 2016 / Azerbaijan / 2:48 min. / shortfilm / colour 

Short film about a little girl who has wanted to be an adult for a little time.

Silent violin / 2016 / Azerbaijan / 5:27 min. / shortfilm / colour 

This story about band of local gangsters. It is based on a story told by an old man who lived in Baku.

Cry for mom / 2016 / Azerbaijan / 5:27 min. / shortfilm / colour 

A short film about the topic of irresponsible men and mothers.

Film will be shown in Azerbaijani

Date: February 14, 2017

Time: 19:00

Venue: YARAT Contemporary Art Centre, Multifunctional room, 2-nd floor.

Admission is free.