31 May 16

YARAT Contemporary Art Centre is delighted to invite you to the screening of 'The Nest', directed by Emin Efendiyev, produced by Buta films. The screening will be organized as a part of YARAT Film Club which aims to become an informal meeting point for the viewing and discussion of contemporary art videos and films.

Nest / 2012 / Azerbaijan / 22 min / Short film, Drama / Colour

Director: Emin Efendiyev

Cast: Abbas Gakhramanov, Namig Agayev, Munevver Aliyeva, Shabnam Nasirova, Alibanda Nuruzada, Elkhan Muradov

Screenplay: Emin Efendiyev Cinematography: Adil Abbasov Music: Firuddin Allahverdi Production Design: Chingiz Rasulzadeh Editing: Asif Rustamov Sound: Parviz Ramizoglu, Huseyn Monk Producer: Ilgar Najaf Cast: Namig Aghayev, Abbas Gahramanov, Munavvar Aliyeva, Shebnem Nasirova

A forrester's family welcomes an unexpected guest – a middle-aged homeless man. The family’s life changes drastically when a forrester’s wife identifies the stranger as her ex-husband who was taken captive by Armenians years ago. He now wants his house and his family back, but the forested will not give up so easily…

Emin Efendiyev born in 1987 in Azerbaijan. In 2009 graduated from Azerbaijan State University of Art & Culture, film direction department. He received the first prize of  START Student Film Festival, 2007.  

Film will be shown in Azerbaijani

16 +

Date: 31 May, 2015

Time: 19.00

Venue: YARAT Contemporary Art Centre, Multifunctional Room

Contact phone: +99412 505 1414

Admission: FREE