22 Nov 16

YARAT Contemporary Art Space is delighted to invite you to the screening of 'Three Girls', directed by Murad Ibragimbekov (Azerbaijan/Russia). The screening will be organized as a event of YARAT Film Club. 

Three Girls / 2007 / Azerbaijan, Russia / 90 min / Comedian / Colour

During the World War II a painting is stolen from a Museum in Krakov. A private detective is chasing a suspected burglar and follows him to North America. Zanzaren, an artist who lives in a small village by the seaside produces paintings that feature three naked girls on the seashores. The investigation progresses and things that happen in North Africa at the end of WWII get intertwined with . Three former classmates come from completely different backgrounds. Gena becomes a policeman, Jambo becomes a thief and Maf is a mobster leading a local gang.

Three girlfriends – Maya, Plusha and Sabina have been practicing target shooting for 10 years. They all embark on a quest for love searching for it in their own way. Towards the end, all characters in this film will need to meet Zanzaren to unravel his secret.

The film has been screened at the 4th “Eurasia” International Festival and VIII th “ East-West” International Festival. The film also received a “Nika” Academy award for the Best Film from Eurasian and Baltic States

Murad Ibragimbekov born in Baku (1962). Graduated from  Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) in 1989  (a course supervised by I.Talankin). Since 1991 works as an independent producer for “Ibrus” company. Since 1995 works in advertisement and directs commercial videos. Since 1997, directs episodes for “Eralash” video magazine.

A film will be shown in Russian with English subtitles.

Date: 22 November 2016

Time: 19:00

Location: YARAT Contemporary Art Centre, Multifunctional Room

Free admissions.