29 Nov 16

YARAT Contemporary Art Space is delighted to invite you to the screening of of “True stories” and “Object № 1”, a comedy and short film by Murad Ibrahimbekov.  This is another opportunity to address your comments and questions to the film director and take part in a discussion.

True Stories / 2000 / Russia / 15 min / Comedian / Colour

The film is loosely based on a series of short stories my Mikhail Zoshenko («People and the cat», «Voice recorder», «In the tram», «Photo», «At the Hairdressers», «Rose-Maria», «Live-lure», «Patients», «Medical record», «Crisis», «Neurotic people», «Confession», «Funny story,  «Games of nature», «Scientific phenomenon», «The Aristocrat») and consists of several interlocking tales connected by an electrician Vasili Ivanovich Makyishev, the main character in the frame story.

Object № 1 / 2009 / Russia / 20 min / Short Film / Colour

This short film revolves around two imaginary installation workers who are responsible for decorating the towers and spires of Moscow city. The characters in the film are dressed like cosmonauts and feel like they can defy gravity in this kingdom of Soviet antiquity where the plot is set. 

One the workers falls down when he is asked to take the red soviet drape down. Meanwhile, his colleague is able fulfill his long-term dream and access the enigmatic “Object 1” (Facility №1) . The film ends with him walking on the edge of the giant Kremlin star and dissolving in it’s ruby shining. Looking very much like Yuri Gagarin, the young worker opens the door into the universe of eternal happiness.

The film was included in the official selection of the International Film Festival in Venice.

Murad Ibragimbekov born in Baku (1962). Graduated from  Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) in 1989  (a course supervised by I.Talankin). Since 1991 works as an independent producer for “Ibrus” company. Since 1995 works in advertisement and directs commercial videos. Since 1997, directs episodes for “Eralash” video magazine.

Films will be shown in Russian with English subtitles.


Date: 29 November 2016

Time: 19:00

Location: YARAT Contemporary Art Centre, Multifunctional Room

Free admissions.