29 Mar 16

YARAT Film Club presents an Azerbaijani director Ilgar Safat’s “Inner City” movie.

The movie is produced by “Azerbaijanfilm” film studio named after Jafar Jabbarli.

Inner City / 2016 / Azerbaijan / 120 min. / Romantic, drama / Colour

Cast: Tahmina Rafaella, Elmira Shabanova, Firdovsi Atakishiyev, Mehriban Zaki and others

The main character Arzu, has a steady life of a college student. She goes to school and takes piano lessons.  She is likely to be admitted to some Medical School later and marry a respectable young man from a wealthy  family.  In other words, she’s expected to follow the path that her mother has envisaged for her. Will Arzu accept her destiny as many girls have done before? There is a strong presumption against it…

A mere accident will change Arzu’s life. She’ll meet a war veteran who just returned from Karabagh, a man much older than herself and of lower social class. Arzu doesn’t really care about him not being a proper match, since has found a soul mate. Yet, her immediate entourage is concerned with this affair and Arzu’s behavior that seem to defy conventional morality.

The story is set in the narrow and twisting streets of the Inner City (Icheri Sheher) where a stranger can easily get lost or deluded. It’s here that the couple will wander to in an attempt to escape the labyrinth of their tangled emotions and social pressures. 

The film will be shown in Azeri

16 +

Date: March 29, 2015

Time: 19.00

Venue: YARAT Contemporary Art Centre, Multifunctional Room

Contact phone: +99412 505 1414

Admission: FREE