26 Apr 16

YARAT Contemporary Art Space are pleased to invite you to a next meeting of the Film Club which has already turned into an informal meeting point for discussion of contemporary cinematograph. We invite you to watch a film “

When Darkness Falls” directed by Samir Karimoglu 26 April 2016. 

When Darkness Falls / 2016 / Azerbaijan / 95 min / Triller, Drama/ Colour

Production: Oksana Rasulova

The main character Gunel is a teacher of Azerbaijani language and literature in an urban school. She is also the class teacher of Class 11b. 24 years earlier Gunel had suffered an awful tragedy.  Gunel has been living with fear and anxiety for all these years.

In 1995, Gunel was a pupil at the secondary school of Seyidli village. One of the teachers of that school, whose name was Farrukh, took the whole class for a walk outside the village and killed all of them except Gunel. Releasing Gunel, he promised her that he would see her again, and shouted after her “Don’t die without me!”

Although Farrukh was arrested by the police and taken to jail, Gunel had psychological problems and so she was forbidden from giving evidence in court. 20 years later, at the request of the murdered children's parents, a forester on his deathbed withdrew his testimony and said that it was false. So as there was no longer any  evidence to keep him in prison, Farrukh was released. However, he was pursued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. But , the investigation was stopped after 3 years as proof could not be found. 

5 years later, after his release from prison, Farrukh set off to the village where Gunel worked under the name of Seyran Tanriverdiyev. He was trying to get fixed up as a history teacher. But even he couldn’t guess that Gunel, driven by a desire for revenge was collecting   information about Farrukh.  Due to Gunel’s self-control and cold bloodedness she could meet him indifferently. Meanwhile Farrukh was following his new plan, totally ignorant of  Gunel’s intentions. He earned the trust of 11b pupils and took them far away from the village under the guise of a picnic. However his main target is still Gunel, who will definitely come to save her pupils…

The film ends with the confrontation of Good in the name of Gunel and Evil in the name of Farrukh. Though Farrukh’s steps were thoroughly planned, he lost the battle due to Gunel’s unexpected tricks.

Cast by:

Ramiz Novruz, Oksana Rasulova

Film will be shown in Azerbaijani with English subtitles

16 +

Date: 26 April, 2015

Time: 19.00

Venue: YARAT Contemporary Art Centre, Multifunctional Room

Contact phone: +99412 505 1414

Admission: FREE