Florentijn Hofman
`RUBBER DUCK` project

15 - 20 September, 2013 

Baku Seaside Boulevard

YARAT Contemporary Art Space will proudly present last project of `PARTİCİPATE` Baku Public Art Festival `RUBBER DUCK` by a Netherlands artist Florentijn Hofman.

>>> Florentijn Hofman is going to contribute friskiness and a tinge of humor to Participate Public Art Festival through his 12 meters high inflatable "Rubber Duck" figure. An enormous inflatable toy full of childhood memories will be presented to the audience and can easily evoke a wide response by visitors irrespective of their background and life experience. As the artist says that "the artwork contains something personal yet at the same time something universal that might unblock cultural, linguistic and age barriers". An unexpected rencontre with "Rubber Duck" may astonish and overjoy the audience and change our contemporary urban art perceptions fundamentally.

"Giantic toys" created by the Netherlands artist strive to convey all aspects of childhood-related emotions and feelings in adults' life. Hofman is longing to match suddenness effect against his sarcastic statements about "unbearable asperity of museum and gallery art as well as any other traditional methods of art presentation..."

Other art pieces by Florentijn Hofman used to prowl the oceans and became top cultural icons in major capitals of the world. The artist demonstrated his works in Sydney (2013), Osaka (2009), Sao-Paolo (2008) and Oakland (2011).


The "Rubber Ducky" is bound outwards from Baku Boulevard. It is expected it will sail the coastways of Baku Bay for month and every Boulevard visitor might seize the opportunity of encountering a "childhood ambassador" - the "Rubber Ducky".