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17 Jul 17

YARAT Contemporary Art Space is provide a platform for a series of talks around our YARAT permanent collection and current exhibitions featuring artists, writers, musicians, researchers, entrepreneurs and others). 

We will ask public figures to share their opinions and express their thoughts about contemporary art and specific works from the collection and engage with the audience.  

Our Weekly Talks will happen on regular basis and we hope to invite many more bright personalities as guest speakers!

On July 17, YARAT Contemporary Art Centre is hosting a talk by Leyla Ibrahimova, a senior architect and founder of Chalk Studio. 

Leyla`s  decision to become an architect came to her at an early age, and it was then that she began to pursue various artistic disciplines: painting, sculpture, drawing, the history of the arts.

In 2000 Leyla began her education at the Azerbaijani University of Architecture and Construction, and by 2001 she was accepted to the MArchI (Moscow Architectural University - State Academy) with a scholarship. Following her graduation from MArchI in 2007, Leyla went on to pursue her studies at the Italian-German bureau Internationale Architecture Werkstatt RUS, first as an architect and later as a partner. Her tenure at the IAW-RUS provided her with fantastic experience of working on international projects in Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France and Austria, while also exposing her to the various cultural nuances, which have been central in developing lasting relationships with both local and international clients.

By 2011 Leyla founded the architecture and design bureau CHALK Studio in Baku, Azerbaijan. CHALK was founded on the principles of harnessing close-knit relationships with clients, while helping them create their ideal, happy living spaces. By 2016 CHALK had merged with a successful architecture firm Habitat Interiors, with a strong expertise in construction management, bringing on Shahin Murguzov as a Managing Partner and establishing CHALK Studio as a larger, all-inclusive architecture and construction firm. Today, Leyla, Shahin and their team at CHALK Studio are proud to keep growing their extensive portfolio of projects, while welcoming new clients to their design family.

Date: July 17, 2017

Time: 7 pm

Venue: YARAT Centre, Bayil district, near National Flag Square

Admission is free